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This patient-driven Pharmacogenomic (PGx) test uses the world's first interactive, on-demand DNA Mobile Application. After your simple in-home saliva test, you can run a secure report on your smartphone by simply entering the medication and/or supplements you want to check. The tests give you alerts for potential low, moderate or severe Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR). You can securely share your report with your doctor.

Your G2K DNA Test can help your physician determine:

  • How much of a medication is right for you

  • How often you should take the medication

  • Whether it will work as intended

  • Whether it will give you a bad side effect


Your G2K DNA Test will check your medications (Rx & OTC), vitamins & supplements against:

  • Your DNA

  • Other medications you are taking

  • Your known allergies

  • Your known illnesses

  • The food you eat

Your kit will contain:

  1. Quick Start Guides - Quick and easy, right in your own home.
  2. Saliva Collection Tube - The tube requires a fair amount of saliva. There is a preservative solution that you’ll shake into your sample.  It’s super simple. 
  3. Specimen Bag - Once you’ve gotten your saliva in the tube, just pop it into the Specimen Bag for return shipping.
  4. Pre-Paid Shipping - Of course there is a prepaid shipping container included. Just pop the Specimen Bag in the container and ship it back to us! 

    For a limited time, our introductory offer will include your G2K Ancestry Composition Report FREE of charge ($99.00 Value).

    Your DNA is the key to your ancestry. Our Ancestry Service provides you with a map of your family history and from where you come.